Top 5 ways to ensure visitor safety and security


Visitor management is one of the key elements of managing a building. It helps people connect to your building with confidence.

Those who may be visiting for the first and only time, or for those who frequent the building often, their safety and security are key, not only for compliance but for ensuring they know what processes to expect when they visit.

According to Leesman LMI 2021 Q1, only 55% of workplaces agree their office is a place they’re proud to bring visitors to. How do you instil this pride and ensure visitors know you care about their safety and wellbeing?

Given the diversity of tenants in buildings, visitors often need to be catered for differently. In this white paper, we explain how you can achieve the flexibility you need to manage these different journeys without compromising on experience and security.

We’ll cover how you can manage the visitor journey, use data to gain an oversight of visitors flows and how to integrate with access control. Click the button below to access the ebook.