Corporate Occupiers

Yardi Bluepoint gives your staff the tools to provide a great visitor experience with branded appointments, pre-visitor information and instant updates as visitors arrive

Happy visitors, better meetings, greater outcomes

Design flexible journeys that work for your people and space. Create a compelling visitor experience with great pre-visit communication, a warm welcome on arrival, smooth check-in and a friction-free journey to their meeting or event.

Promote your brand and culture

  • Create bespoke visitor email invites that reflect your company brand and values
  • Empower your employees to deliver consistent and clear pre-visit communications
  • Connect visitor management to your tenant engagement platform

Save time and increase productivity

  • Allow employees to use their day-to-day calendar to create appointments
  • Improve the visitor experience with instant arrival notifications for hosts
  • Equip your reception team with an up to date holistic view of visitor activity for your business

Deliver smart access

  • Provide hassle-free access for visitors with time-limited, secure access permissions
  • Know who is in your building for compliance, safety and emergencies
  • Make smart connections to allow easy and secure access to car parking, lifts and meeting rooms

What clients are saying

    • “When all tenants use Yardi Bluepoint, our receptionists have less administration work, we have real-time visitor statistics and it’s a modern, attractive, visitor system.”
      Jakub Kaker, Security Manager, HB Reavis
    • “Yardi Bluepoint manages to deliver a flexible, user-friendly and high-quality integration which is accessible for all customers looking to bring a whole new visitor management experience to their security.”
      Wesley Keegtra, Integration Manager, Nedap
    • “Yardi Bluepoint visitor management gives us complete control of our booking process, further improving our guest and visitor experience.”
      Adrian Walker, Operations Director, Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work