Landlords and Owners

Provide a great experience for visitors and occupants with Yardi Bluepoint. Get real-time visitor utilisation data for your portfolio, attract the best tenants and increase retention

Smarter buildings, happy tenants, reduced vacancies

Ensure your buildings are smart, connected and provide a great experience to attract the best tenants. Bluepoint visitor management simplifies the flow of people to and through your buildings with technology that’s easy to use, data-driven and delivers efficiencies for managing agents and tenants.

Increase tenant retention

  • Give tenants the ability to brand the visitor experience at every touchpoint
  • Reduce friction by connecting building technology with visitor management
  • Empower tenants with real-time visitor data to manage the utilisation of their spaces

Synergy across your portfolio

  • Provide a standardised visitor management process to allow ease of movement between your buildings
  • Understand what is happening across your portfolio to provide facilities that meet demand
  • Utilise visitor data from across your portfolio to deliver a consistent experience

Increase safety and compliance

  • Deliver safe environments that can flex to hybrid working and variable visitor flows
  • Facilitate compliance by providing a tool for analysing utilisation
  • Provide a visitor management solution that leads with security and safety

What clients are saying

    • “Yardi Bluepoint manages to deliver a flexible, user-friendly and high-quality integration which is accessible for all customers looking to bring a whole new visitor management experience to their security.”
      Wesley Keegtra, Integration Manager, Nedap
    • “Yardi Bluepoint visitor management gives us complete control of our booking process, further improving our guest and visitor experience.”
      Adrian Walker, Operations Director, Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work
    • “When all tenants use Yardi Bluepoint, our receptionists have less administration work, we have real-time visitor statistics and it’s a modern, attractive, visitor system.”
      Jakub Kaker, Security Manager, HB Reavis