About Yardi Bluepoint

We put tenants, staff and visitors at the heart of everything we do

Our customers’ experience is as important as the visitor journeys we deliver

Over the last three decades, Yardi has been a leading provider of high-performance software solutions for the real estate industry worldwide. In June 2021, Yardi acquired Bristol-based We Are Forge to offer Visitor Management with Forge Bluepoint.

Prior to the acquisition, Paul Speariett and Wayne Lee founded Forge with the goal of designing, developing and delivering solutions that enhance the experience of those that visit, use and work within buildings.

Forge built a strong foundation in the commercial real estate, higher education and retail sectors in the UK and Europe and now as part of the Yardi brand, Bluepoint will expand further into international markets.

The new Yardi Bluepoint platform allows users easier visitor management with improved security and safety for Landlords and Owners, Corporate Occupiers and Building Managers.

See how Yardi Bluepoint is enhancing the visitor experience with smarter access control.