Why Yardi Bluepoint

Bluepoint gives you choice and flexibility to empower your people. Easily connect your visitors with your buildings to deliver an exceptional experience

Oversee the movement of people your way with Yardi Bluepoint visitor management

Staff, tenants and occupiers, reception teams and building management can access real-time visitor data. This allows for strategic decision-making on staffing, space utilisation and compliance.

Smarter visitor access control gives you the ability to manage visitor movement and add additional layers of building security.

Bluepoint integrates with tenant platforms such as OfficeApp and HqO  and leading access control manufacturers including, Lenel S2, CCure and Gallagher.

So whether you need hybrid, flexible, contactless or experience led visitor management, Yardi Bluepoint has you covered.

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Features and Benefits

Awareness with Real-time Data

  • Gain actionable insights to enable safer and more efficient management of your spaces
  • Stay up to date with planned visitors and keep account of drop-in visitor numbers
  • Plan in advance for reception services, security and visitor amenity requirements by reviewing Bluepoint data

Enhanced Experience

  • Create branded visitor invitations with key information such as pre-visit forms or travel details.
  • Integrate Bluepoint with on-site access control and include a QR code in the visitor invite for fast check-in
  • Deliver a great experience from short-term visitors and event attendees to contractors and staff

Tenant Empowerment

  • Manage access permissions for meetings and events and enable your tenants to book time-limited appointments by visitor type
  • Integrate with existing tenant management software to provide a seamless experience
  • Invite visitors directly from any calendar: Outlook, Gmail; desktop or mobile – Bluepoint is compatible with all calendar apps

“Time-saving, increased security and a great experience for visitors and staff are the main benefits, which simply means Yardi Bluepoint visitor management has been a success.”

Vlad Ispas, Project Officer, ITPO Digital Solutions & Services, University of Derby

Security and Compliance

  • GDPR Compliant – stay up to date with visitors in your building for critical security and compliance
  • Gain an accurate overview of who is where and when in your building with Bluepoint’s check-in and check-out process
  • Implement additional security with time-limited, temporary access passes for visitors and staff

Contactless Access

  • Bluepoint visitor management allows for smart access using existing access control with a mobile QR code or access card
  • Activated Bluepoint QR codes can be used with speed lanes, lifts and even meeting rooms
  • Facilitate contactless check-ins with a free standing or desk mounted kiosk

Easy to Integrate

  • Fully featured API allows for smart connections with new and existing building management technology
  • Access control integrations with leading manufacturers and tenant engagement platforms allow for an improved experience
  • Easy to implement and secure. The Bluepoint team are on hand to ensure a successful deployment

“We often use Bluepoint in Inner Range projects because it gives users the short-term and temporary access control they need to safely and securely manage visitors, and it’s straight forward for our approved engineers to deploy and integrate with our enterprise-level intelligent access and security systems.”

Tim Northwood, Director, Inner Range