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Top 5 ways to ensure visitor safety and security

Visitor management is one of the key elements to managing a building smartly. We believe there are five top ways it can help you ensure visitor safety and security from communication, visibility to the empowerment of building management, tenants and visitors. Find out more by downloading our white paper.

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Smart building event visitor management

Yardi Bluepoint visitor management integrated with Office App by HqO manages visitors to Southworks. To facilitate smart and secure visitor access, Bluepoint is also integrated with the Gallagher access control system that allows paper passes and access cards with a QR code to be used to call the Schindler lifts to access the floors of […]

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Visitor management for campuses

With thousands of people on-site every day, the physical security of campus sites is critical in providing all people, including short-term visitors, the confidence they need. Visitor management integrated with access control helps with the secure and efficient movement of people. With multiple entrances and an ever-changing dynamic of visitor flows, an integrated system that […]

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PODCAST: What Tech should landlords adopt for hybrid working?

Paul Speariett, founder of Forge and now regional director at Yardi, joins Karl Tomusk from PlaceTech to discuss the latest trends in hybrid working and how tech is meeting changing occupier demands. Questions asked in this episode: As a landlord or occupier, how do you figure out what your building management software needs are? How […]

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When Proptech Systems Work Together

The property industry might have been slow to digitally transform compared to some other industries, but in the last few years, there has been an explosion in technical solutions that manage many elements of real estate, from tenant experience and facilities to investments and leasing. Paul Speariett, regional director at Yardi and co-founder of Forge, spoke to Bisnow about the benefits and challenges of the technology and how interoperability is key.

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How tech can ease office return fears

Find out how three leading office space providers are using technology to help the return to the workplace for thousands over the coming months. In this Property Week digital Think Tank hosted by Forge powered by Yardi. Insights included how technology can facilitate a better, safer experience, but a number of factors need to be considered including building design, costs and updates.

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