Smart building event visitor management


Yardi Bluepoint visitor management integrated with Office App by HqO manages visitors to Southworks. To facilitate smart and secure visitor access, Bluepoint is also integrated with the Gallagher access control system that allows paper passes and access cards with a QR code to be used to call the Schindler lifts to access the floors of the building.

Over 84 people attended the WorkTech Academy Smart Building event at MiddleCap’s Southworks in London on 7 December 2021. The event featured speakers from providers of the technology in the building, which helped it gain the UK’s first platinum Smart Building certification, including OfficeApp by HqO and bGrid.

Smart event management

Attendees were sent a bespoke event invite from Bluepoint visitor management with details of the event and venue and a unique smart QR code to be used to check in. The invite also had an option to add the QR code to Apple Wallet or Google Pass. This meant the pass popped up for the attendee close to the venue, saving them time finding the email invite and allowing them to check-in faster.

A self-check-in kiosk in the Southworks reception was then used to scan the QR code from the invite to check-in, this activated a printed pass as an access pass to the building and activates the QR code on the attendee’s phone to an access pass, which was then used at the lifts to reach the conference floor – contact-free.

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