The White Chapel Building – Making it Work for All


10 Whitechapel has a striking reception area. 7,000 square ft has been dedicated to making the best first impression for visitors. The reception is also used for exhibitions and meetings, with a café and bar in the middle, making it the perfect space for tenants to get together.

Derwent required a visitor management solution that would help with security, speed of checking in visitors, and event management. This would make the reception teams’ jobs easier; visitors wouldn’t have to wait. Tenants could manage their own visitor invitations, and they could even oversee bulk passes for people attending events.

We were brought on to put Bluepoint our visitor management solution into action. This would result in a single journey from check-in at reception, through the barriers, to the different levels of the building securely. Working with access control providers Inner Range, the final solution means visitor passes or email invite visitors receive have a unique QR code. This QR code lets the visitor scan through the barriers to go to the floor they require for their

“With Bluepoint I love the fact that if you have three people in for a meeting, you can check them in, in one go and print their passes off simultaneously. For events, we can pre-print passes and hand them out when the attendees arrive. We can also keep track of who’s attended for the host company.”

Ann-Marie De-Cozar, Reception Manager

As one of Bluepoint’s earliest customers, Anne Marie, the reception manager and the reception team at 10 White Chapel have had a hand in the ongoing development of Bluepoint. “I love the fact that you can make the system how you need it.”

With eight levels, there is a diverse range of tenants at 10 Whitechapel. These include tech companies, a government department and a law firm. The diversity of organisations means that tenant engagement in using Bluepoint is paramount. The reception team attends monthly tenant meetings to raise awareness of the system – and how tenants can make the most of it.

“Most of the companies have their own receptionists who use the Bluepoint portal to create appointments and send invites to visitors. Having pre-planned appointments means that we know how many visitors are coming into the building and can plan for their arrival.” Ann-Marie De-Cozar, Reception Manager.

Empowering reception teams with data

Reception teams use the data in the system to help with tenant engagement. They can tell which tenants are using the system properly. And it’s helped them to have fact-based conversations on why processes are in place, rather than just anecdotal feedback.

It also helps to manage reception staffing levels and shifts.

“We knew that from 6pm – 7pm was a quiet time for visitors and having receptionists on at this time was not best use of resource and was an unpopular shift. So, we collected 4 months of data on visitor numbers for this time period and were able to persuade management that receptionist shifts should end at 6pm – which meant cost savings for management and happier staff, able to get home to their families earlier.

Ann-Marie De-Cozar, Reception Manager