A growing partnership


We are proud to be working with Bouygues Energies & Services to enhance their facilities management offering through our visitor management, smart access and people counting solutions.

Becket House their London HQ has been using Forge Bluepoint for over a year to create a ‘wow’ experience for over 5,500 visitors a month. The data from Forge Bluepoint allows them to plan their reception staff, have awareness of who’s in the building at any one time and ensure they are GDPR compliant when it comes to visitor data.

Working with Bouygues we have introduced Forge Bluepoint visitor management to The Body Shop headquarters in London and will be rolling out to their Littlehampton, West Sussex, site in the coming months.

Becket House the London Headquarters for Bouygues Energies and Services will also be implementing Forge Abacus people counting to help monitor utilisation of the building and better manage the maintenance of facilities. This will be the first commercial real estate implementation of Forge Abacus. The retailer John Lewis and Partners have been using Forge Abacus for over 5 years to count footfall in its stores, to help with strategic planning of stores.

Emmanuel Chautemps, board director at Bouygues Energies & Services recently spoke with online PropTech publication, PlaceTech, and said he believes the future of facilities management lies in data analytics, user experience and integration. Working with start-ups and scale-ups like Forge, Bouygues can use partner company technology to gain this insight.

“We forge partnerships, working with them for two years. It’s about knowing each other, the business model, as well as supporting them in their growth. You have to invest and test the product. It’s a very fulfilling relationship. Some partnerships are very active, and some have not worked. The key is to be curious.”

Paul Speariett, Director and Co-founder of Forge says: ‘Working with Bouygues Energies & Services allows us to gain insight and have access to game-changing technology, and we in return with our solutions help Bouygues to gather data and then use this insight to create a better experience and real-world value for customers.’

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