Southworks a Platinum Smart Building


Southworks by MiddleCap in central London is the first building in the UK to be evaluated using the Smart Building Certification framework. Its technology-first approach and number of integrated design and management features have achieved a responsive and productive environment that will enhance its user’s wellbeing. Forge Bluepoint, visitor management, integrating with other building technology, is part of the ecosystem that helped Middlecap achieve a Platinum Smart Building Certification.

Tomáš Jurdák, Head of Real Estate at MiddleCap says:

“By harnessing the tremendous technological advances that have been developed in recent years and bringing them together in one building, Southworks raises the bar for offices across London and creates a blueprint for post-COVID workplaces.”

Smart Building Certification (SBC), which has been developed to promote wellbeing, sustainability, performance, innovation, and health and safety in the built environment, recognizes buildings that have smart tech infrastructure in place to evaluate a building’s behaviour and performance.

SBC objectively evaluates the ‘smartness’ of buildings by assessing six core areas: building usage, user behaviour and collaboration, building performance, building environment, integrative design and connectivity, and safety and security

Nicholas White, Head of Operations and Strategy at Smart Building Certification, says:

“We are proud to award Southworks with a Platinum Smart Building Certification. A Core & Shell building with this extensive IT infrastructure is quite rare. We rarely see a Core & Shell building go this far to improve health, performance, sustainability, indoor environ, and users’ ability to interact with the space. Hopefully, Southworks is a look into the future of what we can expect from new builds, and that progress is worth celebrating.”

Smart Building Technology Eco-system

Southworks smart building eco-system includes Bluepoint visitor management, and;

Along with:

  • A single ‘digital backbone‘– created through applied bGrid technology – links a series of sensors to the Internet of Things (IoT), which connects, measures and delivers feedback to building users. The sensors are plugged into the HVAC system and lighting controls and measure other environmental variables such as density, occupancy and noise levels. The data generated by this network is fed into the building management system, optimising the environment and ensuring it becomes completely demand-driven.
  • A dedicated app (OfficeApp) through which occupiers will directly control heating and lighting to their own preferences and book meeting rooms, creating the optimum working environment.
  • Facilitating more effective communication between building managers and occupiers, with messages and notifications, is shared in both directions through the OfficeApp.
  • Technology optimised for risk management to support longer-term social distancing by monitoring the flow of people throughout the building and real-time information about indoor and outdoor air quality.

Southworks is due to opened its doors June 2021.

Read the full case study.