Forge and Star adapting for customers


For over five years, Forge has recommended Star Printers to ensure its customers have a reliable printing service for visitor passes. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Forge and Star have been working closely together to adapt their offer to customers.

With over 140 buildings using Forge Bluepoint in the UK and Europe, Forge’s cloud-based visitor management solution has seen fewer visitors since March due to the pandemic. Building owners and managers are asking for ways to adapt the technology they have to accommodate new health and safety requirements, not only for visitors but for staff as well.

Adaption of printers for one-time-use sticker labels

A Forge commercial real estate portfolio customer in London, with 19 sites, was keen to explore a one-time -use pass solution that would require minimal contact and ideally only by the person required to have the pass. Other customers have been keen to adopt a desktop self-check-in kiosk and some Forge’s bespoke full standing self-check-in kiosk.

To meet these requirements Forge reached out to long time supplier Star Micronics EMEA. After several discussions and testing, they came up with the solutions.

The versatility of the Star TSP743II HI X printer has enabled Forge to offer customers the use of sticker labels that can be custom branded. Negating the need for lanyards or pass holders which are expensive for one-time use not to mention time intensive and impractical to clean after every visitor, as Nick Claridge, Operations Manager at Forge, explains:

“Working closely with Star allows Forge to react to the current climate.  Given the versatility of the TSP743II HI X, we have been able to quickly respond with sticker labels providing a safer solution for visitor identification.  Moreover, with such a robust printer offering greater paper roll capacity, we can confidently provide a reliable service to enhance the seamless experience we offer customers.”

The sticker labels were tested on several different fabrics to ensure there was no residue or damage to materials when they were worn and removed.

Contactless self-check-in kiosks

Enquiries for self-check-in kiosks have increased ten-fold during the last few months as businesses seek to provide additional ways for people to enter buildings safely. The Forge Bluepoint self-check-in kiosk allows visitors to scan a QR code to receive a printed pass or sticker label and notify their host of their arrival.

“Customers have been asking us to help them plan their staff and visitor journeys into their buildings. One of the ways to minimise contact with staff and help manage social distancing is by including a desk or freestanding self-check-in kiosk,” says Forge Business Development Manager, Bastiaan Koekkoek.

Forge worked with Star to integrate the specialist packaged TSP743II HI X printer with CloudPRNT™ for its self-check-in kiosks. With a built-in HI X interface, the printer is cloud-ready and with its unique multifunctional capability provides a versatile printing solution. The innovative Forge full standing kiosk is designed and manufactured in partnership with Frocester Group.

Because of the strong relationship, Star can successfully support the delivery of Forge Bluepoint in this environment as David Pearce, Technical Director, Star Micronics EMEA concludes:

“Working closely with companies like Forge allows us to explore the scope of the technology we provide and ensure we adapt to the needs of customers quickly. Forge’s decision to standardise on the TSP700II affords them maximum flexibility with a printer that can be either horizontally or vertically mounted, or fitted behind a panel in the reception desk, electronic barrier, or in the kiosk itself. At the same time, the CloudPRNT™ protocol provides the ability to print either locally or via the cloud-based system for guaranteed printing with full printer status for paper low, paper end etc.”

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