Providing a confident return to the office


As people decide whether to head back to the office, how do building owners and managers build confidence in the experience and procedures in place to make them want to return?

There’s no doubt the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of technology in property management and operations. It provides key data to make strategic decisions on managing our spaces and helps the people within feel comfortable, confident and more productive.

How you welcome your visitors back needs to be a focus in your strategy as, according to Leesman LMI 2021 Q1, only 55% of workplaces agree their office is a place they’re proud to bring visitors to.

Your visitors want to know you care about their safety and wellbeing, so, what can you do?

Give your visitors confidence

Communication is crucial to help your visitors feel safe and want to come to your building. By providing the information they need on where they are going and the specific building protocol will help make your visitors feel more confident about their visit.

With cloud-based visitor management solutions, like Bluepoint, you can manage this across the whole visitor journey. Your tenants can build branded emails, provide information to visitors on what to expect on arrival and request additional information from visitors such as if they require assistance.

These bespoke emails can be used for meetings, contractors and even events and include specific details on health and safety if needed.

By communicating with visitors prior to arrival, they know exactly what to expect and can feel confident that you’re providing a safe environment for them to visit.

Provide a great experience

A great visitor experience starts from the invite right through to travelling to the appointment, reaching the building and getting to their destination within. Providing an enhanced experience to your visitors encourages more productive meetings and return visits.

Visitor management solutions can facilitate this journey by providing the invite communications, geo-caching invites so they pop up on the visitor’s phone when they’re close by, and offers a quick check-in at either the reception, kiosk or speed lane with secure QR codes or smart access control cards.

The host is notified automatically when they check-in, providing shorter wait times and a seamless visitor journey.

Ensure flexibility

Every building, tenant and visitor are different, which is why you need a flexible solution that provides you with the tools to enhance the experience of both tenants and visitors.

Visitor management solutions provide you with the flexibility to build journeys that work for everyone. Solutions such as Bluepoint offer the adaptability you need to give your visitors the best experience, whether it’s a single or multi-tenanted building, a company that requires visitors to check-in and collect a secure, time-limited access card, or managing large meetings or events.

Enhanced data

Data is key in providing a safe and secure return to the office. Having access to real-time data allows building management and reception teams to know visitor flows and dynamically change the check-in procedure to provide a quick and efficient check-in process.

You can plan front of house staffing to accommodate the number of visitors arriving and know who and how long they will be in your building, which is important for occupancy or mustering.

We may not know what the return to the office will look like, but we can ensure our visitors have a safe, secure and memorable experience.

See how Bluepoint can help you bring visitors back into your buildings.

Paul Speariett, co-founder of Forge, now regional director at Yardi.

Article originally published in Property Week.